Changing How We See Racism. 


Creatively processing how racism affects us all.



It’s not an easy topic to discuss.

The Black Bodies Project is dedicated to providing opportunities for you to make the issue easier to digest. Because then, perhaps you will discover what you can do to eradicate it.

Through multimedia — films, literature, art, imagery, performance — we will strive to help you understand how systems of racism, which are most damaging to black citizens, play out in our lives today.

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Film: Black Bodies


In the film “Black Bodies,” 16 black Austin-area people of all backgrounds, ages, nationalities, and skin tones candidly discuss what it means to live within their black bodies.

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Conversations: Brainstorm Black

People of all races are working to find new ways to approach and eradicate racism. In the interview series “Brainstorm Black,” visionaries share their ideas. 

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Do not be colorblind.
You must see color to see racism.

When you say you don’t see color, you’re saying you don’t see us. And if you don’t see us, you won’t see racism. We help you begin to make that connection. Only then can any real conversation about racism begin.


Book: Benevolence In Black.

Austin, Texas is only 8 percent black.

And yet, there are so many black people in the city going above and beyond.

In a city where black people could easily be overlooked, many are stepping out, using what resources they have to empower whole communities.

In the portrait book “Benevolence In Black,” we celebrate 30 such black Austinites.