Our Vision

Eradicating racism through creativity, connection, and collective understanding.


Black kids in America today are growing up in a society which still tells them they are less worthy than the white kids they share classrooms with, go to church with, play in parks with.

We know this because the data shows us. Go ahead. Google it.

Search for stories about racial disparity in any system: Health; Education; Poverty; Homelessness. You will find stark differences between white and black families, with other races falling somewhere in between.

Black Americans are consistently the most negatively impacted. White Americans tend to benefit more than any race of people, which makes sense since these systems were designed to empower white people.

But, through all that data, we see the people. Living, breathing human beings who want better. They want more. They want opportunity and access. They want an equal shot at success.

We believe racism is so effective because many people do not understand how it works. Some are afraid to ask their black friends about racism. Others don’t know what to ask, or they don’t know to know to ask. We believe if many of those same people could comprehend systems of racism, they would work to end it.

We aim to help you see how racism works.

The Black Bodies Project makes it easy for you to learn. We want to spur a racial renaissance through film, workshops, community programming, meaningful gatherings — any creative tool available to help us all develop a shared understanding of the very real effects of racism.

We want to devise brand new ways of looking at racism, until we don’t have to look at it at all.

Won’t you join us?


Charlotte Moore
Executive Director, Black Bodies Project